Places to ride single track during hunting season.

Ferncliff- Rhinebeck

Highland Lakes state park (Camp Orange, Middletown)

Lippman Park- Wawarsing

Walnut Mountain- Liberty

We have just added 2 cyclocross races to the Bikereg calendar.

Links are in the 2014 race schedule page.

Welcome to the Renegades mountain bike club. 

One of the goals of our club is to bring the adventure back to mountain biking by exploring off-the-beaten track trails throughout the Hudson Valley. Another is to cultivate a club that encourages a sense of self worth  that comes from a willingness to participate in club activities. We insist that our members share in the onus of maintaining the club rather than simply paying a fee, riding away and letting others do the work. If you have a good work ethic and feel you would like to give back to the mountain bike community through trail building and maintenance then Renegades is the place for you.  

  There are no membership dues. We ask only that you volunteer for trail work/maintenance and help out at our races.

 Please go to the membership/contact page if you would like more information on how to join the club.

CONTACT: board@renegadesmtb.com